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Q) Is Cancun an international airport

A) Yes, and as such it is regulated by international treaties and laws.

Q) Where is Cancun located?

A) Cancun is located in the Northeast point of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Ocean.

Q) Are Cancun and Riviera Maya the same thing?

A) No, Cancun is a resort with its own hotels and attractions. The Riviera Maya is the area South of Cancun which has become very known thanks to the new mega-all inclusive-hotels and attractions such as Xcaret and Tulum.

Q) Do I need a passport to go to Cancun?

A) Well, it all depends on your nationality. Canadian citizens can enter Mexico without a passport and just with a birth certificate accompanied by a picture ID. Citizens from other countries including the United States need passports and sometimes visas to enter Mexico. Please check with your travel agent or the Mexican Consulate in your area about the documents you need to travel to Mexico.

Q) Is there a departure tax?

A) Yes there is. Most of the time this airport tax is included in the price of your ticket. Please check with your airline or check your airline ticket to make sure the tax is included. Depending on the exchange the tax is around $48.00 USD per person.

Q) How far are the hotels from the Cancun Airport?

A) The hotels located in Cancun are about 20-30 minutes away depending on which hotel. Playa del Carmen hotels are located about 50-60 minutes away. It takes about 1hr. to get to Akumal or Puerto Aventuras and about 1 1/2 hrs. for Tulum.

Q) What is the best way to get from the airport to my hotel?

A) There are several easy ways to get to your hotel from the airport. Please click on the following link to go to TRANSPORTATION section.

Q) Are there Taxis outside the Airport?

A) No, regular taxis or caps ARE NOT allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. Only authorized transportation companies are allowed. Please go to the following link where you can read about the different transportation options from the airport to any location in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Q) What airlines fly to Cancun?

A) All major airlines from the United States and Canada flight to Cancun. They have connecting service from almost every city in North America and direct nonstop service from all major hubs. There are also several airlines from Europe and South America that either flight directly to Cancun or with a stop at a major hub.

Q) Are there lockers available at the airport?

A) Yes there are. There is a company called "Mexicana de lockers del Sureste." Sorry no e-mail or webpage, but you can contact them by phone at (998) 734 8052 (this is a local Cancun phone).

Q) How can I contact the lost & found office?

A) The main number is (998) 848 7200. For terminal 3 dial ext. 1282; for terminal one dial extension 1251. This is a long distance call to Mexico.

Q) How many terminals are there at the airport?

A) There are three (3) terminals. Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Domestic terminal. There is also a FBO terminal for Private Jets.

Q) How can I go from one terminal to the other?

A) There is a FREE shuttle between Terminals. Just ask any airport representative for the Terminal Shuttle stop.

Q) Is the Cancun Airport a Non-Smoking facility?

A) Not quite! The arrival terminals are NON-Smoking. On the departure terminals there are some designated smoking areas, mostly in restaurants and bars.

Q) How can I get from the airport to my hotel?

A) The best and most economical way is by booking your transportation in advance. Please refer to our Transportation Section for rates and reservations.

Q) Is the airport open 24hrs?

A) Yes the airport is open and operating 24hrs 365 days of the year.

Q) Are there ATMs at the airport?

A) Yes, there are ATMs and money exchange desk at each of the international arrival terminals. The exchange rate variates each day.

Q) On the 13th January I will be arriving from Australia via LA. i will be staying on in Cancun for a few days before continuing to Cuba. I will not need all my luggage with me for Cuba, so my question is, do you have a left luggage office at the airport for luggage approx 20kg? It will be for 8 days

A) No. Lockers are available but are for small pieces of luggage only.

Q) I am an American visiting Cancun for the weekend. During my trip I want to buy a cat and take it home with me to USA. Am I allowed to buy a pet and take it home with me? Where should I buy a pet? Is there any place where they have kittens for sale or free? Do I need to buy a cage for my pet? What are the regulations about that exactly?

A) You need to contact your nearest US Customs agency and ask about proper documentation and information regarding taking live animals to the US. We do not have information about where or how to buy pets. We're sure you can get that once you are in Cancun.

Q) For 2 weeks ago I flew with Thomson airlines from Gatwick(London)to Cancun and left my personal thing in aircraft. Could I get information who I can contact about that? Is it any "lost baggage" institution in cancun airport where I could inquire?

A) You need to contact the airline directly.

Q) Do international flights, specifically from the US and Canada,arrive at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3?

A) Yes, those are the two terminals in operation right now.

Q) I believe I lost my camera at the airport yesterday. All the telephone numbers on the website say they are only in Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish. I may have left the camera in the security bin. Can I communicate or speak to someone about this matter?

A) You can call at 8 48 72 00 ext 1221 Department of Not Found with Mr. Raúl Ramón Romero(He speaks English) and you should be able to find him from 4:00 to 6:00 PM

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